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Present an Ignite at CEL 2019!

Session Date & Time: November 9, 2019         3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Session Description:

Join a panel of members and alumni of ASCD's Emerging Leaders program in a fast-paced, engaging Ignite! session. Ignite! presentations are five-minute snapshots of ideas in which 20 slides advance automatically every 15 seconds, allowing presenters to share key points about their topic with gusto! This year's conference showcases “Resilient Schools in Action,” so be prepared to hear about a wide range of experiences from emerging leaders under the umbrella of Learn Teach Lead. From classroom teaching to administration to consultation—and everything in between—emerging leaders support learners from early childhood to adulthood. You will leave energized and inspired!

Submit a Proposal

Please give us some information about your proposed session and your Ignite! experience. Answers will not affect your ability to participate.

Have you ever presented an Ignite! session? 


Have you ever presented the Ignite! you are proposing above?


Would you be willing and available to present an Ignite! at Empower20?

Our session is Saturday, March 14 at 1:45 PM - 03:15 PM. 

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Thank you for your interest in presenting! 

We will let you know about your proposal ASAP.

Be sure to encourage your ELASCD friends to present with you.

Thanks for submitting! You will hear from us soon!

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