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Our mission is to continue mutual partnership between ASCD and Emerging Leaders, after their initial two years, to foster leadership and leadership

capacity-building in order to:

  • To provide a network of support and opportunity for Emerging Leaders after their initial two years

  • To leverage areas of expertise to strengthen ASCD’s areas of focus  

  • To connect and support Emerging Leaders without local affiliates

  • To provide support and partnership with existing local affiliates

  • To develop leadership capacity for affiliate members

ASCD Affiliation

Through building and fostering leadership capacity of members, we will actively support major ASCD initiatives such as:

  • Whole Child Advocacy

  • Promoting Policy and Advocacy aligned with ASCD’s Legislative Agenda

  • Personalized Learning and Professional Development

  • Professional and Global Networking

  • Publications and deliverables

ELASCD Affiliate members are encouraged to be active members of state and international affiliates.


Download the ELASCD Affiliate Constitution by clicking the image below.

If you have any questions or concerns about ELASCD Governance, please contact

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